Sunday, February 9, 2020

Hamilton Papers Electoral College Is The Truth Behind The Romney Conspiracy Theory

Hamilton Papers Electoral College Is The Truth Behind The Romney Conspiracy TheorySo far there has been no indication that the last US presidential election, was the work of anything other than the voters who went to the polls. The big difference with this presidential election is that not only was it won by someone else, but the voter turnout was lower than in many other elections. What is the source of this low voter turnout?Well, the Hamilton Papers electoral college is a book that looks at the manner in which the electors of the United States cast their votes in each election. Now Hamilton was the first political scientist who actually studied the process. And he realized that the state in which people lived made a difference as to how they voted. If the state had a strong economy and a good university system, that was reflected in the election results.But if a state had a weak economy and a poor education system, it was clear that the way people vote was influenced by their econ omic position. That explains why the voter turnout in states with strong economies was higher than the voter turnout in states with a weak economy.How does one explain this difference in voting habits in a two party election? One has to understand that the two parties are in direct competition for votes and they work to capture the attention of the voters. The opposition party or candidate is also vying for votes.Hamilton Papers electoral college was written to show that the rise in the voting patterns of a state may be due to the fact that the voter turnout was low. This was something that no one had thought of before. There was no explanation for it.In other words, the opposition party will attempt to make sure that the opposition wins in the next election in order to prevent them from winning the next election and to avoid being a government after that. In effect, what they do is try to send one of their own into the White House. That is how much effort they put into it. It's not as if they're just trying to give the job to the least popular politician in the country.So, when someone asks me if the election in Florida was stolen it is really not difficult to answer. That it was stolen was confirmed by the Hamilton Papers electoral college.